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Habana House Product List

Below is the complete list of products available at the Habana House online store. Our extensive collection includes fine cigars you won't find anywhere else online, and our prices are hard to beat. Customers needing guidence may prefer to view our shortened list of recommended cigars and recommended minis. Please note that due to the nature of cigar availablity and demand, certain cigars may become out of stock before the website is updated.

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Standard Cigars  A-C  D-L  M-Z Mini Cigars Accessories

Havana Honey Cigarillos

   Rio Petit Corona - BlackberrySingle $4.50Box $72.95
   Rio Petit Corona - HoneySingle $4.50Box $72.95
   Rio Petit Corona - RumSingle $4.50Box $72.95
   Rio Petit Corona - VanillaSingle $4.50Box $72.95

Kristoff Ligero

   MatadorSingle $8.25Box $139.95
   RobustoSingle $7.25Box $122.95
   TorpedoSingle $7.75Box $129.95

Kristoff Ligero Maduro

   MatadorSingle $8.75Box $147.95
   RobustoSingle $7.75Box $129.95
   TorpedoSingle $8.25Box $139.95

Kristoff Maduro

   MatadorSingle $7.95Box $135.95
   RobustoSingle $7.25Box $118.95
   TorpedoSingle $7.50Box $126.95

La Aroma De Cuba by Don Pepin Garcia

   BelicosoSingle $5.50Box $129.95
   ChurchillSingle $5.50Box $134.95
   ImmensaSingle $5.50Box $131.95
   MonarchSingle $5.25Box $128.95
   RobustoSingle $4.95Box $117.95

La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial by Don Pepin Garcia

   #1Single $7.25Box $172.95
   #2Single $6.95Box $163.95
   #3Single $7.75Box $188.95
   #4Single $8.25Box $198.95
   #5 (Belicoso)Single $7.95Box $192.95
   #55Single $7.95Box $194.95
   MinutoSingle $5.95Box $134.95

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor by Don Pepin Garcia

   BelicosoSingle $7.75Box $173.95
   ChurchillSingle $7.75Box $175.95
   MagnificoSingle $7.50Box $168.50
   RobustoSingle $6.75Box $151.00
   ValentinoSingle $7.95Box $179.95

La Aurora Preferidos

   Emerald TubeSingle $16.50Box $319.95
   Gold TubeSingle $16.50Box $319.95
   Platinum TubeSingle $16.50Box $319.95
   RobustoSingle $9.95Box $199.95
   Ruby Eddition TubeSingle $16.50Box $319.95
   Sapphire TubeSingle $16.50Box $319.95

La Flor Dominicana Air Bender

   ChiselSingle $7.95Box $152.95
   GuerreroSingle $6.95Box $139.50
   MaestroSingle $6.50Box $129.95
   MatatanSingle $6.50Box $125.95
   PoderosoSingle $6.50Box $124.20
   ValienteSingle $7.50Box $147.95

La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet

   ChiselSingle $7.75Box $154.95
   No. 1Single $7.75Box $381.95
   No. 4Single $8.25Box $404.95
   No. 5Single $7.25Box $359.95

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

   ChiselSingle $7.50Boxfree singles $150.95
   Chisel GordaSingle $6.50Boxfree singles $134.95
   Chisel MaduroSingle $7.95Box $74.95
   ChiselitoSingle $6.50Boxfree singles $126.95
   Chiselito MaduroSingle $6.50Boxfree singles $126.95
   Churchill OscuroSingle $8.50Box $164.95
   DL- 452Single $5.25Box $104.95
   DL- 452 MaduroSingle $5.25Box $101.95
   DL-600Single $6.50Boxfree singles $126.95
   DL-660Single $6.50Box $126.95
   DL-700Single $7.50Boxfree singles $150.95
   DL-700 MaduroSingle $7.50Boxfree singles $150.95
   Lanceros OscuroSingle $8.95Boxfree singles $175.95

La Flor Dominicana Ligero

    L-300Single $5.50Boxfree singles $135.95
    L-400Single $5.95Boxfree singles $143.95
    L-500Single $7.25Boxfree singles $173.95
   L-200 Oscuro CabinetSingle $5.50Boxfree singles $129.95
   L-250 Oscuro CabinetSingle $5.95Boxfree singles $145.95
   L-300 Oscuro CabinetSingle $6.50Boxfree singles $158.95
   L-400 Oscuro CabinetSingle $6.95Boxfree singles $166.95
   L-500 Oscuro CabinetSingle $7.50Boxfree singles $174.95
   SalomonesSingle $22.95Box $229.95
   TorpedoSingle $7.75Boxfree singles $166.95

La Flor Dominicana Reserva Especial

   BelicosoSingle $6.95Boxfree singles $178.95
   ChurchillSingle $7.50Boxfree singles $183.95
   El Jocko (Maduro)Single $6.25Boxfree singles $148.95
   El Jocko (Natural)Single $5.95Boxfree singles $138.95
   FiguradoSingle $7.50Boxfree singles $176.95
   RobustoSingle $6.95Boxfree singles $173.95

La Gloria Cubana

   Churchill MaduroSingle $5.95Box $108.29
   Churchill NaturalSingle $5.95Box $108.29
   Corona Gorda MaduroSingle $5.75Box $104.33
   Corona Gorda NaturalSingle $5.75Box $104.33
   Glorias MaduroSingle $4.50Box $80.57
   Glorias NaturalSingle $4.50Box $80.57
   Soberano MaduroSingle $6.50Box $117.47
   Soberano NaturalSingle $6.50Box $117.47
   Torpedo No. 1 MaduroSingle $7.50Box $135.95
   Torpedo No. 1 NaturalSingle $7.50Box $135.95
   Wavell MaduroSingle $4.95Box $89.81
   Wavell NaturalSingle $4.95Box $89.81

La Gloria Cubana Serie R

   No. 3 NaturalSingle $5.95Box $106.50
   No. 4 MaduroSingle $6.50Box $119.95
   No. 4 NaturalSingle $6.50Box $119.75
   No. 5 MaduroSingle $7.50Box $134.95
   No. 5 NaturalSingle $7.50Box $134.95
   No. 6 MaduroSingle $8.50Box $153.50
   No. 6 NaturalSingle $8.50Box $153.50
   No. 7 MaduroSingle $9.50Box $175.75
   No. 7 NaturalSingle $9.50Box $175.75

Liga Privada No.9

   BelicosoSingle $15.10Box $326.16
   Corona DobleSingle $16.30Box $352.08
   RobustoSingle $12.70Box $274.50
   ToroSingle $13.90Box $300.24

Liga Privada T52

   BelicosoSingle $15.10Box $326.16
   Corona DobleSingle $16.30Box $352.08
   RobustoSingle $12.70Box $274.32
   ToroSingle $13.90Box $300.24

Liga Privada Unico Serie

   Papa FritasSingle Box $25.60
   RatzillaSingle $15.85Box $158.50
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